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--Master ng pagkain ng lead ng lapis--

Bachelor ng pagngatngat ng papel

Tea whore
External Services:
  • zaccheo@livejournal.com
✴ 2017: Will abandon this acct eventually. 😢 Sorry friends. 💔

All the teas in the world... mine!! *cackle*

Description: Fine Arts graduate. Working in right field under the wrong boss (occasionally). Beats deadline with a soggy bread. Loves my job company hopping aka. freelancing. Even though there are times where i dont get much, i have enough guts to live with the sweetness and the bitterness of it.

I'm probably the most unromantic person you'll ever know.
Prefers doing things that benefits me(hindi ako gagawa ng walang kapalit)
A great procrastinator.
Hard to please, easy to sulk.

Age: not younger than 20, not older than 30
Gender: Planticus Amoebus. (wait... I think that's what my specie is called)
About my journal: a diary, fandom rant, art/fanart dumpsite, porn central all in one. *shameless*
Warnings ahead: I might pose boyxboy drawings or fics sometime and if you could deal with that its fine. A dominant number of my friends/f-list has a common interest in Boys Love so that's what I usually post here. I have a lot of outlet on... straight stuffsother things anyway so I just mostly pour out the gayness here.

In Addition: Random comments are welcome. Don't be shy of saying what you want. I love discussions and is a comments whore. And I'm sickeningly random. Yes, really. Like how I talk about college life first then later you'll found out yourself listening to my rant about my resident rat terrorizing my cactus named 'ivy'...

And oh, I should add the warning that i get to be very sarcastic when im mad (the level depends on how pissed i really am). Not to mention my dry humor.

Favourite Genre
Parody, Horror, Action(gore included, yum), Mystery.

I read
David Eddings, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Niles, Sunao Yoshida, Sionil Jose, Kerima-Polotan Tuvera, Mark Twain.

Favourite Short Stories
Platinum by Sionil Jose, Kamatayan sa Gulod by M.J Ocampo.

Artists I look up to
Auguste Renoir, Joan Miro, Picasso, GrandYoukan, THORES Shibamoto, Carlos Ayala, Jose Joya, Juan Luna, Luis Royo.

Naruto, Trinity Blood, Bleach, Ouran, Full Metal Alchemist.
Main Ships: (Take note that I like messing up the pairings and shuffles them with other pair as long as they look good to my eyes... and most of the time, at least has a touch of canon.)
Trinity Blood: IonEsther, AbelAsta, AbelLilith, AbelCath, TresCath, AbelTres, DietRadu, RaduIon
Naruto: Narusasu, narusasunaru, narusaku, some bit of sasusaku, kakasasu, kakasaku... basically as long as Team 7 keep the pairing (or threesome, even foursome)within themselves I'm happy. my other OTP is ShikaTema and GaiKaka. As I was listing the other ships that I read/like/is amused of, I realized they are too many so I will not bother listing them.
Ouran: HikaKaoHaru, HikaHaru.
FMA: Elricest, RoyAi, HughesRoy
KKM: YozakKonrad, Yuuram
FF7: ZackxAeris, SephirothxCloud(and reverse),
etc, etc.

I honestly I thought I'll be in Ravenclaw, but I'm rooting for Griffindor cuz all my friends are there. Wah! But this is my result. Noo...I... should be happy, right?(longingly gaze on my friends flocking the Griffindor flag) *weeps
i'm in slytherin!
be sorted @ nimbo.net