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Tea whore
05 January 2017 @ 02:05 pm
[sticky post] 🎋  
I have privatized a lot of posts all throughout the years. However, I came across people who look for old authors... some of them are my contemporaries (man I'm so old) last night, I put to public those I could put my hands on. If the link you clicked is affected, just tell me.

It might take a few more years before I finish my longest fic (reincarnation) regardless, I have decided to altogether quit all the fandoms I have. Tis a long journey. I've been an active fan of Naruto since the early 2000s.

Let me rest.

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Tea whore
23 June 2016 @ 02:47 pm
And I'm so glad I've privatized them after entering into years-long hibernation.

my feelings at the time
⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄ after 2 mins... HOLY!? (╯°■°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (╯°■°)╯︵ ┻━┻

GAAAHHHDDDD. How much god-awful random and crazy i could get? It's so embarrassing I could die... WAIT. I want make that drunk post go public again. It's so damn funny.
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Tea whore
25 July 2010 @ 02:11 am
i am so wasted and i have been able to remember my password after 5 tries?

that's awesome.



sorry. ignore this post.

but srysly wow. hmm i think i am feeling sober now.


i feel like i am hacking my own account.

sorry! wahahahhaha. damnit. i can't sleep. oh yea. i have to reply on some comments, right? but i do not think i am on the right state of mind to do that (lol) so yea. let's leave it right there when i am fully sober yeah?

and it's sunday tomorrow. damnit.

church. you know, and all that jazz.

but I CAN't SLEEP1!!!!! and my vision is still swimming and all and i do not feel sleepy at all daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaymmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel... i don't know.... happy? haha.

let's get some electronica on! yeah?

i know. i should sleep. i am just going to copy my chillout tracks in my walkman phone like a good person so i could lull myself to sleep so i could stop intervening through your lives and fucking hacking my own account, ahahahhahahahhah!

so sorry.

i am going to post a more sober entry when i am... well... sober.

but seriously. i feel sober now. i can still think, you know?

ah. damnit. i think i should end this.
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Tea whore
28 May 2010 @ 05:21 am
Geez. I was on a goth loli mode for several days already. So, when I've thought of creating an image title for Pickup I grab the oportunity to design Saki-chan's dress.

Isn't she cute??

So anyway, I have finished the cover. (there's no title to it yet but I wanna show it naow naow naow naow

Srys, I was in a mixture of laughter, creeped out, borderline disgust (shutithomophobeside) when I am drawing that Saki-chan who is hanging on Sasuke. And no, it's not in the deliciously-scary-way... it's more on the lost-of-respect-way, ahahah. It's okay to read saki!universe stories, or see artworks. it's addicting! but it's a totally different thing when I am drawing her like that. Look at her expression! I was at the heights of "creeped out-ness" when i am drawing saki as sasuke first to make sure that it would still look like him even if I don him on laces and make-up.

Im trying to hard not to laugh out loud. man it's so hard not to I think I know now what Naruto is feeling on Asuka's first eppy. XD

edit: Holy crap! I forgot Naruto's whiskers! I told myself I will do it last before scanning it but *groans* Will rescan again after I wake up. I wanna sleep first
edit2: Naruto's whiskers done!
Tea whore
12 May 2010 @ 06:19 am
I was saddened of my recent review in Pick-up so I needed to straighten things out. I had no way of replying to the reviewer unless I publish another update so for now I will post this in my journal.

Reviewer said:
I love the Saki-chan Universe that Asuka Kureru writes about in Lace and Strawberries. There are many stories and art dedicated to Saki-chan, my vary favorite was written by Toffee it is called Tangled Up in Lace and it is very similar to yours. In that story Sasuke suffers from an identity crisis as well.

I was in the middle of reading your story but the similarities to Toffee's story are very striking you might want to give credit to her story in your author's note as well....after all she is the one that came up with the identity crisis concept for the Sasuke/Saki character.

I am really sorry but I cannot give credit on Toffee on my story. I cannot even begin to compare myself to her, or to her writing talent. She is really good in getting the emotion of her story across the reader. And I am nothing but a simple artist that wanted to express myself. She might have published the story earlier than mine but this story is NOT borne out of my inspiration of hers. As I have said in my original A/n, I have been working on a plot of a graphic novel I wanted to do and I have found out that the story could work with Saki and Sasuke.

The ORIGINAL inspiration and reason why I created this story is from a real-life scene.
They picked up the phone when it rang.
It turned out it was the Lover. Person said “Hello”
The creepy thing is that; the Lover mentioned another name, which incidentally is the name of the person that is residing inside that person. And the Lover has NO idea about that other personality. But how would the person know?
Confusion. Shock. Fear.
Then: “Who am I now?”

And so a story concept was born. It started as a graphic novel idea. I began laying out the structure of the story. Months passed and it started having it’s form. And of course, let’s not leave that I am such a big fan of Naruto that time. So one day I’ve thought; hey, if Detectives could cope (the story is originally about detectives & criminals) then why not ninjas?

So how I started linking it to Saki-chan’s case?
Well, as I have said, I have been writing the plot in some notebook for a while and then I came across Asuka’s fic. and I LOVED it. The part that had impressed upon me the most is the time when Naruto had thought that one day he will test that boundary between Saki and Sasuke. It burned on my heart for some time. That time. I did not take any action on it because I was busy with my very first serialized NaruSasu fanfic, Reincarnation. But unexpectedly, that RL thing (*points above) happened and the line from Asuka's burned all the more within me so after some more months I finally relented and started Pickup thinking that it will only be some short four-shot story.
(Then 40 thousand words later, I realized I was terribly wrong)

Why did I go on? Why did I pushed on this story even when I have discovered that somebody has already published a story ahead of me that I know one day will be compared to mine?

Let us go back to that graphic novel that I wanted to do. It is because I wanted to explore the experience of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Of sad and scary it could be. So this would be like some study of some sorts of the case... in fantasy/fiction form. Not exactly an exposition but it would at least make people aware how it happens. The case varies with individuals but there should be some general similarities. Pick-up is MORE than a simple self-denial. How about an identity crisis gone bad? LOL.

And that is why I wanted to push through this story, even though I know that not a lot of people enjoys psychological horror like I do. Even if I will be compared to a similar story of a way better writer. I just want this idea to go out in the world since it has a special place in my heart.

And once again, I wanted to apologize if there are similarities of my story to Toffee but it was in no way related to Tangle up with Lace. I considered the suggestion of the reviewer over AFF but I just can’t give credit on something that has nothing to do with my story, even if our fanfics are strikingly similar. I just wished a continuity of Asuka’s story on my own in the world I twisted and adjusted according to this story’s taste.

So with this, I hope you try to view my story more from my perspective. I based mine off more in Asuka's first two shorties, more on the second part while toffee based hers on the last episode I think. And oh, if it's about timeline and all, my fic will fall in the middle if you are going to ignore our different universe setups.
sort of...
{{ Lace - young teens? > Pickup - late teens > Tangled - adults }}


Of course I had read Toffee's fic. (That time, I was polishing the plot of chapters one to four.) And when I did, my eyes bugged out and I thought ho~ sheeet, it's sorta similar to mine! What am I going to do! that had me doubting whether I have to continue publishing my own work because I was worried that people might not take it kindly because her story is published earlier than Pick-up. I was scared that people would think I was using the idea. But well, as I have stated earlier, I still continued publishing pick-up online because I wanted to release an intelligent fic and I wanted to at least publish something I had a passion on. I like stories that make me (and other people) think. I know it will not be as popular as your next door romeo and juliet love story but I just threw it all those worries away and published it anyway.
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Tea whore
Last week, the outpouring of rain the whole week made me stucked inside the house.

Like hell I'd go out with an umbrella!!! My pride could handle being toasted in the sun rather than walking with an umbrella in my arms. At the same time, I am being extra-careful not to let a single drop of rain fall in my head because I have an annual record of falling sick on the stupidest littlest of things when this month arrives. (see how beautiful my self-contradiction is?) And I do not want to fall to a fever.

*gasp*Swine Flu!*gasp*dengue!

I have a terribly low anti-sickness agent because of an illness I had in the past so I always preserve myself at the very least.

And my oldest cousin told all of us not to forget to watch hands ahahah. Television. Sometimes they make things worse.

*fic update
Pick-up the Phone
Rating: M for sex.
Link: http://zaccheo.livejournal.com/45147.html#cutid1
Fic Summary: At first, Sasuke created his so called 'Split-Personality' to entertain a bored Naruto. So they became boyfriend-girlfriend. Big deal. Saki is just a creation anyway. And fake. But everything changed when one morning Sasuke woke up and answered the phone. Who is he right now? Saki is just a creation. And fake. She can't possibly take over his consciousness. Nor she is capable of killing him for her own benefit.


Beautiful, Beautiful Itachi ;)

by ~claes-gascogne on deviantART

I have a quick colored sketch of neji in y-gal too.

I've been doing a lot of illustration nowadays, which made me thought of setting up a sketch diary. Hmm... hmm... But I've got a lot of accounts already =_=

An opinion that hopefully, would I be able to hear your thought;
Remember the time when Itachi gave Naruto 'something' after that I'm a better brother than you statement? (And yeah, that symbolic seeking permision for the hand of the little brother hint...lol) Something entered Naruto's mouth. If you remember, when Itachi gave Sasuke his Amaterasu, he poked his right eye open. So there's the symbolism there.

Just last month, I was studying Japanese mythology because I wanted to draw... something from there. And when I was reading how Tsukiyomi, Amaterasu and Susanooh came to existence, I saw the parallelism there.Collapse )
Holy coow!
Received a txt message from a friend:
Do not go to SM Megamall for the meantime. Casa Medica diagnosed a patient that tested positive for swine flu. They are currently quarantined.
Tea whore
12 May 2009 @ 04:32 pm

Any of you reads my Barbaric Girlfriend?? Whenever I pass by the forums, I kept on hearing that Akira and Senbongi are a better pair x_x and Momoi is such a selfish bitch.

Okay, don’t get me wrong. Yeah, I cringe when Akira and Senbongi get er… up close and personal but that’s just because of the flow of the story. We still don’t know how that manga would end or go to because the plot is so hard to figure up, and everytime a new chapter is released, it did not alleviate our confusion even for a bit. Because for me, I think Momoi and Akira are better together.

Now hold your horses! Don’t throw me those tomatoes yet. (I have to run away for cover first…) Well, I think with their personalities, they are a match because they balance each other, even if their characters should be the other way round. I think I could accept the permanence of the body switch ONLY if Akira and Momoi end up together. I believe that they have a potential to be a good pair. Damnit, damnit damnit. I keep on skipping pages because even if seems impossible for Momoi to fall for poor Akira right now, I am still hoping for a day to arrive when the mangaka would think of making Momoi’s eyes to turn to Akira.


Who likes Arashi’s Leader?

Uta no Oniisan! Ma~ I do not want to elaborate more but I love the show, not just that it’s funny but there are lots of valuable things that they have thought me. I usually stay impassive watching (being sensitized by the tons of animes, mangas, doramas that I read/watch…) but this show, especially the ending episode had touched me deep. Maybe it’s because me and the main character is the same. Anti-thesis, struggling, bored with the world, dark(i mean kuro, it somehow has a different connotation as a japanese word), loves to scowl, is hard to be happy etc etc. Anyway, the bottom line is, I learned a lot. So this is more than a show to me. Even if it’s not popular in Japan (as the rating says) I terribly adore it. I’ll never forget this drama.

Ah, for the Idol followers, the two Davids of American Idol are going to held a concert here in the Philippines, the first time together. *monotone.* There, the obligatory news tidbit. Also, wb, Pacman. The whole nations is proud of you. *rewinds the battle at youtube* “So short!!”

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Tea whore
30 October 2008 @ 11:53 am
Test snatched from kieren's lj.

Your result for The Steampunk Style Test...

The Gadgeteer

You are the Gadgeteer, the embodiment of steampunk technology. Ironically, many of the things that most define your style are probably too large to easily carry about, but given the opportunity you would prefer to be seen surrounded by boiler engines, gear-driven calculators, and incredible automata. Of all the steampunk fashion styles, you place the greatest emphasis on technological accessories, and you are the most likely to create elaborate gadgets that are as much a part of your outfit as your clothes. You probably have goggles, but unlike most people you consider them to be for more than decoration. Whereas most people might look odd carrying a satchel of tools around, for you they may well be essential. Above all, you remind everyone that what sets the genre apart from Victoriana is simply the level of technology.

Try our other Steampunk test here.

Take The Steampunk Style Test at HelloQuizzy

Oh yeah, gadgets... uhhmmm. i guess if i belong in the world like steam boy, i'm prolly one of the engineers there, proudly wearing my invention, hehehe.
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Tea whore
23 October 2008 @ 02:21 pm
Today, while I was drinking sencha, I've seen several floating stalks in an upright position.

It is said that when you see that in your cup, it is lucky.

For a person like me who drinks green tea like water, it's pretty significant. (and i find it kinda cute too). How I wish that real luck would come to me at least before the end of the year.

With how i badly needed money nowadays, i might really open that commission i am planning next month ^_^$

As a side note, naruto is getting better and better per episode, especially with the culmination of the akatsuki arc. as a plus, naruto is getting cooler and cooler too. and i am still holding what me and my friend talked about. naruto, despite his lighthearted nature is much more matured than sasuke. that kid is just silent so it is not that obvious but man, he's the real emotional one.

air gear and bleach is on the culmination of their plot too. hmmm... a lot of manga are getting interesting nowadays. sora is a masochist!!

And nowadays, i am reading manga like some drunkard. i even enjoy it than anime or doramas, hehehe. it's weird but i am getting impatient when watching anime nowadays. i wonder why.

Ohhhh!!!!! have i turned into a manga otaku? i better quit those marathons. *runs away.*

And before I forget, there's this Microsoft Update in my computer that tells me to install SP3. Shall i go on with it? won't it mess up the stuffs/softwares i have?
Tea whore
An ARTDUMP entry!

Farewell, living world
by ~claes-gascogne on deviantart

Ahhh, ii ne! Some new feature deviantart had. the pasties thing on the settings does not work with me though Anyway, just wanna share rukia. that was done in adobe illustrator.

i am focusing on drawing nowadys. it's not that i am being in some hermit mode or something but... well, aside from work i wanted to practice my watercoloring skills more. i just discovered that's its considerably rusty. good thing about is that im enjoying it. maybe i'll post the practice pieces if ever i developed the guts, ahahha.

i have lots of things to finish i dont know if i am going to laugh at

ah, this is something i draw the other day when i was bored waiting for some video presentation project that i was doing to finish rendering/exporting.
Also, do you remember the lineart i made ages ago? well that artwork is already finished and this is it in all its colored glory :**

by ~claes-gascogne on deviantART
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